Rectangle Himalayan Salt Boulder for caves
Rectangle Himalayan Salt Tile for cave
Rectangle Himalayan Salt Tile

Wall – Stones
One Side Cut

Salt Tile –
One Side Rough

Salt Tile

Weight (kg): 10 – 20/stone
Packing: 25 kg, 50 kg, 1M.Ton Jumbo Bags

Weight (kg): 2
Packing: 12 pcs

Weight (kg): 4
Packing: 8 pcs

Rectangle Himalayan Salt Tiles
Square Himalayan Salt Tiles
Himalayan Salt Tiles square

Salt Tile

Salt Tile – Square

Salt Tile

Weight (kg): 1.1
Packing: 24 pcs

Weight (kg): 4.3
Packing: 6 pcs

Weight (kg): 2.25
Packing: 12 pcs

Himalayan Salt Tiles two side cut

Wall Stones –
Two Sides Cut

Weight (kg): 10 – 20/stone
Packing: 26 kg, 50 kg, 1M.Ton Jumbo Bags

Item #Product CodeNameSize (cm)WeightPacking
1ST-101Salt Tile20 x 20 x 348 pcs
2ST-102Salt Tile20 x 10 x 52.212 pcs
3ST-103Salt Tile-One Side Rough20 x 10 x 5212 pcs
4ST-104Salt Tile20 x 10 x 2.51.124 pcs
5ST-105Salt Tile – Square20 x 10 x 54.36 pcs
6ST-106Salt Tile – Round20 x 10 x 54.56 pcs
7ST-107Wall Stones- One Side Cut10 – 20/stone25 kg, 50 kg, 1M.Ton Jumbo Bags
8ST-108Wall Stones – Two Sides Cut8 – 15/stone26 kg, 50 kg, 1M.Ton Jumbo Bags
9ST-109Salt Tile20 x 20 x 2.52.2512 pcs

We can also manufacture as per client’s specific needs:

  • Any custom size and shape can be manufactured and produced
  • Private labels/brand name/brand logo can be placed