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USA Lining Inc., a reputable offshore contract manufacturer of high quality injection and blow molded products, is the parent company of Shahzada Group of Industries (SGI) (ISO 9001:2008). USA Lining Inc. is an American owned company, recognized as a perfectly balanced hybrid between an offshore and domestic contract manufacturer, offering exclusively the benefits of both.

We provide low offshore prices, owning three (3) manufacturing facilities in two of the largest industrial cities in Pakistan. Our location at The Export Processing Zone (EPZ) Sialkot, Pakistan, allows us DUTY-FREE Import (material, equipment, molds, machinery, etc.) into Pakistan and DUTY-FREE Export of plastic products to the USA due to the Generalized System of Preference trade program initiated by The Office of United States Trade Representative.

Our domestic presence, with our Corporate Office in Oklahoma, we have enhanced transparency and are able to provide highest level of customer service, such as 1 to 1 engineering support while eliminating any nuisance surrounding offshore contract manufacturing. With the use top notch technology, we are able to keep a tight oversight on operations oversees to ensure minimization of lead time, eliminate back orders, ensure quick turnaround, and prioritize delivery of consistent high quality products which please customers around the globe.

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