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Polymaid®2019 Product Catalog

Our company’s desire to innovate and deliver quality products at affordable prices, led to the development of our brand, Polymaid® which houses more than 85 different Kitchenware, Bath, and General household items, appreciated around the world Polymaid® has upheld the company’s reputation for holding paramount finest quality, highest levels of customer satisfaction, and strong ethical business practices.

At the beginning of 2019, just a year after launch, Polymaid® products can be found on two different continents and have been widely recognized not only for exceptional quality but for their durability and affordability.

Please click HERE to view and download the Polymaid® 2019 Product Catalog.

From our 85+ products, below are the Top Sellers from each category.

Polymaid® Top Sellers in Kitchenware:             

  • Square Deep Plate
  • Bowl with Legs
  • Rectangular Cutting Board
  • Large Cutlery Tray
  • Crystal ICE Cube Bucket
  • Ez Grip Colander

Polymaid® Top Sellers in Housewares:

  • Stackable Drawers
  • Swivel Hook Clothes Hanger
  • Wall Mount Coat Rack
  • Mix n Match of Funnels
  • Plant Pot Holder
  • Rectangular Baskets

Polymaid® Top Sellers in Bath Items:

  • Soap Tray with Grill
  • Comb