Thank you for choosing USA Lining Inc. as your contract manufacturing partner.

I welcome you to our website where you can find answers to all of your questions, whether about our company, our people, our mission or the extensive resources we offer to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and accommodate all of your injection molding and contract manufacturing needs and requirements.

Since the day I founded USA Lining Inc. I have held paramount our strive to make customer satisfaction a priority, lowest price a guarantee, and exceptional quality an absolute must. At USA Lining Inc. we are in business for the long run and greatly value healthy relationships with all of our clients, regardless of size. Our success as a company is a direct result of our good faith business practices, commitment to each client, quality products and services, and the fact that we actually care about you, your product, and your market reputation. We strive to provide our clients with one of a kind experience in a friendly environment where business meets mutual respect, care, transparency.

I have always wanted our company to foster employee interpersonal growth as productive and vital part of the company in a safe and friendly environment where collaboration and teamwork promotes bonding. Our people are the most important asset here at USA Lining Inc. and I believe that every single person plays a crucial role in keeping the company on track to meet every deadline with excellence and in a timely manner. In an effort to interact more with the employees, USA Lining Inc announces an employee of the month. I get to present the recipient with a gift certificate and a bonus followed by a luncheon and that is truly the best part of my job as CEO.

Letter from the CEO

                   Mian S. Ali

Founder and CEO