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Over the years, USA lining Inc. has become the go to offshore contract manufacturer of plastics due to consistent high quality, low prices, and superior levels of customer satisfaction. At our American owned  facilities, we offer precision injection molding of  a wide range of plastic materials. Our facility in The Export Processing Zone (EPZ) Sialkot, Pakistan provides extensive benefits, significantly decreasing our cost and enabling us to provide clients with tremendously low prices. Our location also allows us to be a beneficiary of the U.S. trade preference program, Generalized System of Preference. Our EPZ facility has the capacity to single handed accommodate every requirement of our global clients having end to end in-house capabilities and the resources to run 24/7. Our capabilities and well-integrated 6 sigma techniques exponentially enhance our ability to systematically improve each step of the design and manufacturing process in a timely manner. With our Corporate Office in Oklahoma we have successfully eliminated any barriers in communication and have brought to ease any and all misconceptions with offshore contract manufacturing.

Working with USA Lining Inc. is like working with an American manufacturer, business ethics and practices do not change, culture and language does not change, but what does change is a lower price and higher quality we provide along with a one of a kind experience, which keeps our clients loyal.


At USA Lining Inc, we take pride in being able to say that even today we work with many of our very first clients from almost two decades ago and have exceedingly great relationships with. Our hard-earned and well-kept reputation is a result of our:

  • Lower than market prices.
  • Consistent quality.
  • Authentic Lean Six Sigma manufacturing methods.
  • Focus on timeliness and ease of communication.
  • Rigorous IP protection standards.
  • Application of “Just-in-Time” inventory system model.
  • Pursuit of innovation and efficiency.
  • Customer-oriented culture.
  • Continuous enhancement in product development process.
  • Integrated Waste management techniques.
  • Transparency in weekly status reports to clients
  • Elimination of dependency on other firms