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At USA Lining Inc. our innovative atmosphere, client-focused culture, and mission to deliver quality, has led to exponential reinvestment in the development and expansion of our in-house capabilities. Our capabilities allow us to optimize efficiency, ensure highest quality, have firm control over project’s quality, cost, and duration. Being in control of every step of the process is crucial to product development and contract manufacturing because it enhances transparency and allows us to confidently answer any and all questions our clients may have regarding a project’s progress.

Our capabilities allow us to have minimal dependence on other firms which reduces variation in quality and lead time, and ensures rapid progress. Providing weekly status reports to clients ensures that no client is ever left in the dark and it is our responsibility to keep them on board with progress to enhance transparency.

In-house Capabilities:

  • Injection Molding
  • Mold/Die Making
  • Masterbatch Production for Precision Color Matching
  • Silicone/TPE Over-Molding
  • In-Mold Labeling (IML)
  • Heat-Transfer Labeling (HTL)
  • Wide range of material selection
  • Material Engineering and enhancement
  • Additive manufacturing for rapid & cost-effective prototyping
  • Computer Aided Design expertise
  • Material Management Control system
  • Rapid assembly and packaging with Automated Guided Carts
  • World-Class quality control measures
  • Shipping and logistics support systems