Delivering Quality Since 2003

USA Lining Inc. is an American company, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and the parent company of Shahzada Group of Industries (SGI) Lahore, Pakistan (ISO 9001:2008). Our 3 American owned Semi-Automated manufacturing facilities are located in two major industrial cities of Pakistan, Lahore and Sialkot (known for sports and surgical equipment manufacturing especially FIFA World Cup Soccer balls). We are heavily involved in the manufacturing of thermoplastic products (PP, PE, LDPE, PVC, PS, ABS, etc.), Geosynthetics, Masterbatches and kitchenware and other general household plastic items (Polymaid), Paints (Zemex Paints®), and Automotive Parts.

Our success in the industry as the go to contract manufacturing partner is built upon our strong-willed leadership, history of delivering outstanding results, commitment to each one of our clients, and a highly engaged and experienced workforce. We have worked with companies around the global and our global client base consists of some of the most successful companies in markets such as healthcare, Automotive, Consumer, and Oil and Gas. We take pride in our hard-earned reputation for holding paramount quality, innovation, strong ethical business practices, and highest level of customer satisfaction.

Quick Flashback

It all started with a humble beginning in 2003, from a small building but a large dream, a few machines but a great set of deep-rooted values and principles, and 1 small office space but a great vision to leave a global footprint through quality, innovation, and unmatched price. Today, we have three large Semi-Automated Manufacturing facilities in two of the largest industrial cities of Pakistan.

Our company’s passionate and committed leadership took us from being a pioneer of Geomembrane Liner in Pakistan, facing customer hesitation to try an alien product, to becoming the largest manufacturer of HDPE/LLDPE Liner, working with some of the largest oil and gas, agriculture, and construction companies in the nation