Himalayan Salt USA, Pakistan, Distributor, exporter

What we do?

We are Manufacturer and Exporter of High Quality Himalayan Rock Salt Products

Our brand, Naz Salt, focuses solely on providing finest quality Himalayan Rock Salt Products to its customers. Being one of the leading manufacturers of Himalayan Rock Salt Products, buyers in search of a dependable Manufacturer & Supplier of Himalayan Rock Salt Products come to us.  Whether you are an importer, wholesaler, retailer, or a brand, you can rely on us to bring you the best.

With in-house crafting, cleansing, and packing capabilities, we maintain complete quality control over our products. Our belief that customer satisfaction is our priority and exceptional quality is a must is the main factor that has contributed to our continued success and growth.


We are proud to acknowledge that Naz Salt is a manufacturer, exporter, and distributor of pink Himalayan Salt located in Pakistan, manufacturing,  exporting, and distributing to countries around the world including USA, Canada, Mexico, India, Bangladesh, China, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Slovenia, Slovakia, Belgium, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Turkey, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Hungary, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil, Jordan, Ireland, Estonia, South Africa, Latvia, Finland, Norway, Portugal, Germany, UAE, Venezuela, Iran, Colombia, Bulgaria, Paraguay, Spain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, and many others.

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons for you to choose Naz Salt to fulfill   your Himalayan Rock Salt Products needs:

U.S. Office located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

We never compromise on Quality

We provide timely shipments and deliveries of products

We offer competitive prices

We implement international quality control procedures in
manufacturing our products

We are committed to continuous innovation

Himalayan Salt cave in pakistan


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Himalayan Rock Salt Products

Himalayan Salt animal licks
Animal Lick

Himalayan salt licks are 100% natural and additive-free making them very beneficial for a healthy and nourished growth of all animals. 

Himalayan Salt Lamp
Salt Lamps

Carved out of Himalayan rock salt, these attractive lamps create a relaxing atmosphere that helps you unwind and will even help you get to sleep faster.

Edible Salt

Himalayan edible salt is the purest salt found on Earth and contains 84 trace minerals making it very beneficial for great health

Himalayan Salt cooking block for sale
Cooking Salt Block

Himalayan salt block is great for healthy   cooking. Cooking on a Himalayan salt block adds healthy minerals to food, is excellent for high-temperature cooking, and also provides a naturally anti-microbial cooking surface.

Himalayan Salt
Bath Salt

Himalayan bath salt has many healing and therapeutic properties. It detoxifies, cleanses, and exfoliates skin leaving it smooth, soft, and remineralized.

Himalayan Salt candle holdrs
Salt Candle Holder

Create a perfectly beautiful and relaxing environment around you by illuminating our premium quality pink salt candle holders. Our pink salt candle holders provide a soft amber glow and will surely enhance your mood.

Himalayan Salt therapy room
Salt Therapy

The origins of salt therapy date back to the medieval era. Energize, relax, and elevate your mood and atmosphere through Himalayan salt therapy.

Himalayan Salt tiles for contruction
Salt Tiles

Available in various cuts and shades ranging from pink to orange, Himalayan salt tiles are perfect for home and office décor.